Whenever I get a new idea for a project, I usually spend a few days googling similar ideas other DIYers have worked on. It's always nice and very helpful to see the time and effort other people put into completing and documenting their projects. In order to contribute to these types of rescources that have helped me so much, i've been running a section on my website called "DIY Music Projects". It details some of the more hands on things i've done with music technology, combining electrical engineering, programming, or just plain curiosity. While webpages are good for finished projects or how to's, it seemed like something was missing.

I started this blog to provide a look into the thought process as things happen. It will give up-to date information on where projects stand and an accurate timeline of how they got to that point. I also like the ability for users to add comments and the interaction that enables. I will still update the DIY Music Projects page with large projects, summary's, downloads and more, but this blog will hopefully become the main method of relaying information about my projects. Hope you enjoy!