This page will provide some information on an interative A/V exhibit I made for the Springdale Church Artist Cafe in fall 2009. The exhibit used 3 midi controllers and a webcam to communicate with a custom PD (Pure Data) patch.  The patch had some preset music patterns, synths and visual effects to provide music and visual art to react to the user's input. All the software was run off the gateway laptop which was also driving the large TV screen visuals.  The PD patch used the GEM library for all the video processing. 

The Tascam control surface in the middle allowed the users to color mix, rotate, re-size, reshape, mix, and morph the webcam input. The Korg triton was used as a MIDI control to adjust the 5 separate synth sounds and associated effects.  The small M-Audio controller controller alternated drum patters, samples, effects, and the tempo of the overall performance. The most interesting aspect was watching how people interacted with each other and the installation.  The visuals were more compelling to most people, because the user control was more apparent.  When people did take time to really tweak the drum patterns and effects though, they came up with interesting sounds that I didn't even imagine.