Recursion Looper Live

Overview Recursion Looper Live(RLL) is meant to be a more immediate performance oriented looper.  There are 4 total loops that allow for 4 separate song sections.  Each loop is tempo independent and when one loop is playing, the others are stopped.  An overall latching mute to allow for additional musical fills and unlimited overdub for each loop are provided.  RLL is meant to be controlled using a pedalboard with 6 buttons(can be custom midi mapped or assigned to keyboard presses) and computer keypresses mapped for easy control during live performance.  Since each loop can be armed for overwrite, an entire live set can be performed with only one patch, with no need to reopen any files.

Reason for a Second Version After using it for a while, the standard recursion Looper began to feel a little bulky to use.  Everything had to start out synced to a click track, and while the A and B sections and features helped make interesting songs, there was still a lot of repeating and time wasted while adding in extra layers to the loops.  Recursion Looper Live hopefully solves many of these problems.