A little more than a year or ago, I bought two channels of FiveFish Studios  SC1 mk2 microphone preamp kit.  One of my previous posts show my initial progress and some pictures of the old RadioShack home theater amplifier I gutted to get the case to put this new project in.  Unfortunately, I was still troubleshooting at that time and haven't had given an update since.

I'm happy to report that after some simple troubleshooting, I was able to get the two channels running perfectly.  After playing around with the grounding scheme some, I was able to get both channels operating at very high gain levels with no noise.  Above you can see my mobile recording rack where the preamp has been since I completed it. I've used this preamp on just about every recording since finishing the kit and would recommend FiveFish products to anyone based on audio quality alone.   It also helps that they have great support for a DIY kit and helped me troubleshoot the few issues I did run into.