If you've ever really looked at my blog, it may seem like a random jumble of nerdy/techy posts, because, well, that's exactly what I intended (and also the way my brain works).   Lately, however, I've really gotten into a couple of great blogs that add a personal touch to their articles that engage the reader while still informing them.  

While I'm not much of a writer, I would love to focus more on tying all the aspects of my different interests together in future blog posts to improve the content here. I mainly talk about my current interests in the hope that some of my searching and trial and error can help people looking for info in random Google searches in the way many other posts have helped me.  In the future, look out for some hopefully more engaging (but probably not) posts on my current interests (Linux Audio, DSLR Video, DIY Guitar FX) or maybe even some new interests (like extreme pogo stick, move over x-games).