This is the first part in a series of quick DIY tips that will show off simple, cheap and easy DIY music and Media projects.  I hope to have a short video to accompany each tech tip.  This project is extremely easy and useful.  Commercial guitar pedalboards can be quite expensive (for what they are), but since all it has to do is hold a few pedals in a static configuration and hide some cables, it is the perfect DIY project. The main reason this project is so easy, is that IKEA has already done all the work for you.

The base of this is an IKEA GORM shelf that comes in packs of two for about $10. It has the three slat design common in many commercial boards because of the convenience for cable management.  After that, all you need is a 2x4 cut to size (30.25"), 2 wood screws to attach the 2x4 to prop up the board at an angle and velcro to hold down the pedals. All the parts for two boards came out to be around $30 for me, and since all the quantities seemed perfect for two boards, I suggest completing this project with a friend who also needs a pedalboard.