As a keyboard player and Electrical Engineer, I've always been a little ashamed that I don't have an analog synth (especially since one of the main reasons I choose to go into electrical engineering in high school was because I read an article on Dave Smith Instruments and sent Dave Smith an email asking about the best college path to take to do what he does and he told me to go EE). I looked into a lot of production synths, DIY kits and Eurorack modules, but they are all pretty expensive don't seem... "adventurous" enough.

So my new plan is to completely re-invent the wheel and try to build a modular synth from the ground up.  I have already found tons of resources online and plan to breadboard some very simple basic components (vco, vcf, vca, lfo, etc.) and then decide on a case, panel size and power supply. Most of my design decisions will be made based on using components I have laying around from other projects and mostly whatever seems to be the cheapest.  My goal is to learn a lot, not spend a lot and make some weird noises.  I'll be sure post updates as I work start work on the different modules.